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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Good News on Three Strikes

In one of the more pleasant surprises of the long-running saga of the updates to the EU Telecoms Package (see my earlier posts here, here and here) the EU Parliament has soundly rejected moves to strip out legal protection for users against disconnection without recourse to law. Amendment 138 is back, and more importantly has been put back by the deliberate vote of a large majority of MEPs.

More on the story from Pangloss (thanks for the kind words, but many other people did far more than me!), Technollama and Monica Horten, who provided invaluable assistance to my ORG work regarding the minutiae of EC legislative procedures.

This is not the end of the matter, or even, to quote Churchill, the beginning of the end. But with any luck it is the end of the beginning, especially if there is now wider awareness of the issues among MEPs.