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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Welcome to LawClanger

Does the world need another intellectual property law blog? Indeed, does it need another intellectual property lawyer? I sincerely hope so, seeing as how I have recently given up a well-paid and very interesting (albeit often in the 'may you live in interesting times' sense) career to try to become one.

Firstly, a little personal background. I'm what would be termed a mature entrant to the profession. I graduated in 1990 from Imperial College with an MEng in electrical and electronic engineering, and joined the RAF as an engineering officer. I served in roles as varied as project management and satellite mission control, and in locations from the Falkland Islands to Iraq. During this time, I gained an MSc in satellite communications engineering and later, through the Open University, my LLB. Having become increasingly interested in law, and approaching the mid-career option point where I could leave with an early pension, I decided to attempt the transition to law, and, in view of my technical background, intellectual property law in particular. I am currently nearing completion of an LLM in IP and IT law at the University of Edinburgh (although I am back in London to finish off my dissertation) and will be starting the Bar Vocational Course at BPP Holborn in September.

Why a blog? I've posted on legal and IP issues in the past on a personal journal, but much of that is not open to external readers and I also feel I should be wary of treating my friends to too many discussions on the application of s.51 CDPA 1988 - if for no other reason than I want to keep them. Hence a separate law blog.

Why LawClanger? For those of you unfamiliar with UK childrens' television circa 1969-1972, I suggest you look here; I have long had a fondness for the Clangers, and have used some variation of the term as a user ID before.  

So, welcome to LawClanger. My main interest is IP, but information technology, Web 2.0 (including arguments as to what it is), open knowledge and indeed any matters pertaining to the interaction of law, technology and society are all likely to be discussed herein. 



pangloss said...

Aha! Welcome to LawBlog land. Good idea:-) Remind me to link to you on my blawg roll (you know me, not so much "nudge" as "shove" - I wonder if there's a book in that?:))

Bar Boy said...

Good luck with the BVC, LawClanger. Encouraging to see another of the OU elite on the blogosphere.

barmaid said...

Hello LC. Bar-Boy has pointed me in your direction. I too will be starting BVC in a few weeks time, so it looks as though there are at least 4 of us who are 'mature' students. I'm sure Swiss Tony will make himself known to you soon enough.

It will be interesting to see how we all get on with our vocational studies.

LawClanger said...


Thanks for the kind words! I am wondering if the first day of BVC will be like the first day of term of my LLM last year. It was the way the throng of young undergraduates parted like the Red Sea in front of me to let the clearly lost (and probably senile) old codger through...

barmaid said...

I've already had the embarrassment of being the 'old one' at provider open days, seriously though, I think you may find that there will be quite a few older students doing BVC.

I'm going part-time, so I imagine most of my class mates will also be wrinklies too. We can have Botox parties at break time :-)

medicolegal said...


Good luck.I will folow this blog with graet interest. Nice to see other mature students and a fellow ex RAF man about. Like you I am a mature [very] student contemplating a change of career. Just finished first year of the GDL and looking at the BVC courses.Will probably apply for College of Law in London.