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Friday, 17 April 2009

SCRIPTed, Vol 6 No 1, is now online

Yes, SCRIPTed, Edinburgh University's online journal of Law, Technology and Society, has reached its sixth volume, hence the cover picture. If you look hard at the top left corner of the big version, you can just see your humble scribe (look for the blue tie and thinning thatch).

Volume 6 Number 1 features another excellent set of papers and analysis pieces:

Peter S Jenkins on Virtual Worlds As A New Game Theoretic Model For International Law: The Case Of Bilateral Investment Treaties

Philip Leith and Maeve McDonagh on New Technology and Researchers’ Access to Court and Tribunal Information: the need for European analysis

Eddy D Ventose on Patent Protection for Second and Further Medical Uses Under the European Patent Convention

Nigel Waters on The APEC Asia-Pacific Privacy Initiative – A New Route To Effective Data Protection Or A Trojan Horse For Self-Regulation?

Rolf H. Weber and Romana Weber on Social Contract for the Internet Community? Historical and Philosophical Theories as Basis for the Inclusion of Civil Society in Internet Governance?

Wiebke Abel and Burkhard Schafer on The German Constitutional Court on the Right in Confidentiality and Integrity of Information Technology Systems – a case report on BVerfG, NJW 2008, 822

Daniel B. Garrie and Maureen Duffy-Lewis on Conquering the Tower of e-Discovery Babel: New Age Discovery for the 21st Century

Miranda Mowbray on The Fog over the Grimpen Mire: Cloud Computing and the Law

Herbert Zech on Nanotechnology – New Challenges for Patent Law?

plus conference reports and book reviews.

Congratulations to Wiebke, Shawn and everyone else at SCRIPTed for another excellent issue.


Wiebke said...

And thanks for all your ongoing support as an editor!

pangloss said...

And I'm waving near the front! Ah the joys of extroversion..