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Friday, 24 July 2009

The Lesser Spotted Hairy Law Clanger

Call - MT Hall Portrait

Depending on whether I get Pupillage, and on whether wigs kept on being worn in civil cases, this may be your one and only chance to see me with a full head of hair - even if it is courtesy of Messrs Ede and Ravenscroft!

Congratulations to my fellow BVC students who were Called yesterday - the best of luck to you all.


Cheryl said...

Very splendid, sir!

barmaid said...

Well done! Being only at the halfway mark myself, I'm very jealous.

barboy said...

Congratulations, and fingers crossed for pupillage.

Richard said...

Ha! I've trekked on over here from Bystander's blog! Welcome, and congratulations on going straight!

I was a foot-soldier for ten years, PVR'd, and went to Guildford College of Law to do the then Law Society qualifying exams. Once admitted, returned to the Army, and joined DALS (DLS in RAF terminology) - high points of legal life, Falklands, Berlin & Hong Kong. Now happily retired, I have finally taken an OU LLB, like you, and comment like all wrinkleys from the side lines.

When defending at RAF Courts Martial, it was always a (rare) joy to find a pilot on the board - they make decisions (like "Shall I eject, or try to land it?") whereas the usual board of stone deaf Engineers (sorry!) who'd stood beside Merlins for too long, with Secretarial Officers and DEntists all knew that the Air Officer Commanding wouldn't have sent him for trial if he wasn't guilty!