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Monday, 11 August 2008

A Couple of Plugs

No, not the plugs in Amp v Utilux (I had to sneak a design law case reference in here somewhere!) Rather, I'd like to draw readers' attention both to SCRIPTed and to the forthcoming SCRIPTed Conference in Edinburgh.

SCRIPTed describes itself as 'a journal of Law, Technology and Society'. Having been privileged to serve as one of its editors over the last year, I think it fair to say that it covers these bases very well. The most recent issue (Vol 5 No 1) includes papers on trade mark dilution, user attitudes to P2P services and the ethical issues surrounding 'bionic' athletes. We are interested in prospective contributions for SCRIPTed, and we are also keen to hear from suitably-qualified referees to help peer-review submissions.

Not content with running a journal, our managing committee are organising the SCRIPTed Conference, to take place at the University of Edinburgh from 29-31 March 2009. Taking as its theme 'the Governance of New Technologies', it will focus on evolving and emerging technologies and new-technology-driven practices and their impact on the overlapping fields of healthcare, information technology and  intellectual property. The Call for Papers is open until 15 November, whilst an outline programme is available. So, why not make a date in your diaries for what promises to be a fascinating and enjoyable three days in the beautiful city of Edinburgh?

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