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Friday, 15 August 2008

"... yet someone is clearly doing their job horribly wrong."

A little quiet here on the blog as I am currently head-down in my LLM dissertation, on the topic of the IP issues arising from the development of low-cost rapid prototyping machines such as the RepRap. But to follow up my last post I am pleased to say that the latest issue of SCRIPTed is now available, again featuring papers on topics as diverse as social pressures on medical ethics in Korea to the privacy issues arising from state access to the location data produced by devices such as mobile phones.

In the mean time, if you haven't come across the webcomic xkcd then I'd recommend checking it out. Usually very humorous for those of a slightly geeky disposition, it quite often excels itself in commenting on our information society, such as this splendid Map of Web 2.0. Today is no exception, as xkcd beautifully illustrates Bruce Schneier's aphorism that security is not a product, it's a state of mind:

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